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December 5, 2013

Jackson House,

Fishkill, NY

~Demolished December 3, 2013~

Fishkill's Jackson House was demolished on December 3, 2013, following an executive meeting of the Village Board of Trustees the night before at which the Building Inspector and Mayor James Miccio declared the house to be "unsafe." Village taxpayer funds were used to demolish the house, which is privately owned by Jackson Crossing, LLC. The Jackson House was thought to date to 1741, with later additions. The house was first listed on the Demolition Alert on February 26, 2013
Photograph by Matt Kierstead.

Source Articles: "Fishkill's Historic Jackson House Deemed Unsafe, Demolished." By Cooper LaRocque, the Poughkeepsie Journal. December 4, 2013.
"Fishkill Residents Decry Demolition of Historic Jackson House." By Greg Maker, the Hudson Valley Reporter. December 3, 2013.

Link to this entry: http://www.hudsonvalleyruins.org/alert/2013.html#jacksondemo

November 23, 2013

Hudson Upper Station,

Hudson, NY

An application was presented earlier this month to demolish the c. 1871 New York Central "Hudson Upper" Station of the Central's Albany and Boston line. Mountainview Construction presented the application in conjunction with Van Kleeck Tires, the owner of the building. Mountainview wants to salvage and sell the brick; Van Kleeck wants more parking space. The City of Hudson Historic Preservation Commission deemed the application to be incomplete.

Source Article: "Depot in Danger of Demolition," by John Mason. The Register-Star, November 9, 2013.
Also: "More About the Upper Hudson Depot." Gossips of the Rivertowns, November 9, 2013.

Link to this article: http://www.hudsonvalleyruins.org/alert/2013.html#hudsonupper

Curry Chevrolet Neon Signs,

Scarsdale, NY

~Removed 2013~

This summer Curry Chevrolet remodeled its c. 1957 steel-and-glass showroom and car canopy on Central Park Avenue in Scarsdale. Lost in the renovation project was a collection of neon signs – SERVICE (yellow), CURRY (red), CHEVROLET (blue), and USED CARS (red) – which were fabricated by the Albee Sign Company of Mount Vernon. It was with great shock and seemingly unnecessary action that the signs were lost, as they were icons of Central Avenue and of the dealership and not known to be endangered.

More Curry Chevrolet Neon Signs::
Hudson Valley Ruins - HV-Rob blog

Link to this article:http://www.hudsonvalleyruins.org/alert/2013.html#curry

Paul Clark House and Tavern,

Albany, NY

~ Demolished August 2, 2013~

Following the demolition of Paul Clark's House and Tavern, a previously unknown feature was revealed during excavation of the property. It may have been a cistern with a charcoal filter for purifying water. If interested parties were allowed to examine the building before demolition and the site during excavation, the history of the property would be better understood. Thanks to John Wolcott for the updates. More information about Paul Clark's House and Tavern may be read at the Albany Times-Union. Photograph by Roger Gray.

Link to this article:

September 21, 2013

Yonkers Teutonia,

Yonkers, NY

~ Demolished Summer 2014~

The abandoned Yonkers Teutonia and adjacent structures are undergoing demolition. The annex to the north and the automobile repair shop to the south have been demolished already. The Teutonia should be demolished next week. The c. 1891-92 Queen-Anne style building was home to a German literary and singing association. The Teutonia will not be renovated, as the developer and news media have erroneously reported. Instead it will be demolished and replaced with a 24-story, 360-unit residential tower. Photograph courtesy of Tim Lamorte.

More Yonkers Teutonia:
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September 12, 2013

Paul Clark House and Tavern,

Albany, NY

~ Demolished August 2, 2013~

From John Wolcott I received the news that the Tandoor Palace restaurant on Lark Street in Albany was demolished on Friday August 2, 2013. The restaurant was located within the first floor brick walls of the Paul Clark’s house and tavern, built ca. 1798. Doctor Yusef Dincer owns the site of the Paul Clark house and is responsible for its demolition. With architect Scott Townsend, Dincer plans a new building of three stories with apartments, offices and a restaurant on the site of the Paul Clark house and tavern.

Photograph courtesy of Andy Arthur.

More Paul Clark House and Tavern:
Hudson Valley Ruins - HV-Rob Blog

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In other news:
Also in the Capital District, the 81-year-old Saratoga Avenue Bridge between Cohoes and Waterford will be torn down and replaced.

And across the Hudson, in Troy, a series of 1850-ish rowhouses that survived a great fire in 1862 underwent “emergency demolition” in August.. The city is targeting other old structures for demolition.

I also recently learned that the Victoria Home in Ossining (Westchester County) has filed plans to demolish a historic house that was once the home of Major General Edwin Augustus McAlpin and Anne Brandreth McAlpin, daughter of Benjamin Brandreth of the Brandreth Pill Factory.
Here is a link to my source on the Ossining Historical Society’s facebook page.

May 13, 2013

St. Patrick's Church

Watervliet, NY

~ Demolished Spring 2013~

St. Patrick's Church in Watervliet has been largely demolished. As of May 10, only it's bell tower remained as it physically withstood several efforts to be pulled down. 

Photograph courtesy of Fred Rieck.

Source Article: "St. Patrick's Church's bell tower in Watervliet refuses to come down." By Dan Bazile, WNYT.com, May 10, 2013.

Link to this entry: http://www.hudsonvalleyruins.org/alert/2013.html#stpatsdemo

Second Reformed Church

Philmont, NY

~ Demolished Winter 2013~

A January 2013 fire believed to be of accidental original seriously damaged the Second Reformed Church in Philmont (Columbia County). The church, built in 1838 and later enlarged, was subsequently demolished.

Photograph courtesy of Fred Rieck, March 3, 2013.

Source Article: "Church fire appears accidental." By Bryan Fitzgerald, the Albany Times-Union, January 16, 2013.

Link to this entry: http://www.hudsonvalleyruins.org/alert/2013.html#philmont

Central Hudson Gas and Electric
Horton Sphere

Poughkeepsie, NY

~ Demolished 2012-2013~

Central Hudson Gas and Electric demolished their iconic Horton Sphere on the Poughkeepsie waterfront. The large globe held gas for home heating. It was located almost beneath the Poughkeepsie Railroad bridge (Walkway Over the Hudson), visible in Tom Rinaldi's photograph shown above.

Link to this entry: http://www.hudsonvalleyruins.org/alert/2013.html#horton

February 26, 2013

Jackson House,

Fishkill, NY

~Demolished December 3, 2013~

The Jackson House at 64 Jackson Street (bing aerial), Fishkill, NY is threatened with demolition for a multiple-unit mixed-use complex. The oldest part of the house, which has been expanded many times, is thought to date to ca. 1741 when the property belonged to Johannes Swart. Judge Joseph Jackson purchased the house in 1808. Jackson, the first lawyer in Fishkill Village, was a Dutchess County legislator 1821-1822, and county judge 1840-1856. Jackson died in 1863, and by 1867 the house was enlarged. Mid-nineteenth century photos show that the house was altered in Picturesque Gothic and Italianate styles with tall dormers and a tower. The building was also the Colonial Inn for a time. It was most recently occupied by offices of the Mid-Hudson Medical Group. The house is a contributing element to the Fishkill Village National Register Historic District. Local preservationists are concerned over recent erosion of the integrity of the Historic District by demolition and commercial development. The developer, Jackson Crossing LLC, is in the process of filing a request with the Village of Fishkill for a demolition permit.
- This entry contributed by Matt Kierstead.

More Jackson House:
Facebook - Friends of Jackson House

Link to this entry: http://www.hudsonvalleyruins.org/alert/2013.html#jackson

Bridge Plaza Neon Signs,

Tarrytown, NY

Removed Winter 2012-2013~

Three historic neon signs were removed from the c. 1954 Bridge Plaza shopping center in Tarrytown during a winter renovation of the storefronts. In late 2012 a CVS opened in the former First National/Stop and Shop store, Subsequently the entire frieze and cornice of the plaza was renovated to be consistent with the design of the CVS store. During this time the signs for the liquor store, Three-hour cleaners, and the Tarrytown Delicatessen were removed. The neon sign for the Tappan Zee Stationery store was reinstalled.

Link to this entry: http://www.hudsonvalleyruins.org/alert/2013.html#bridgeplaza


Removal of architectural details continues at St. Patrick's Church in advance of demolition. In January statues and artifacts were removed from the building and sold by the church diocese. 

Source article: Historic Church Being Taken Apart, by WNYT staff, February 19, 2013.

February 4, 2013

Starlite Theater,

Latham, NY

~DECEMBER, 2012~

The Starlite Theater, a theater-in-the-round, was demolished in December 2012. Located outside of Albany, NY, the Starlite operated under various names from 1957 to 1997 and hosted many top musical and entertainment performers. According to the Business Review, the 58-acre site will be redeveloped into residential, commercial and office space by the Galesi Group. 

More Starlite Theater:
Hudson Valley Ruins

Link to this entry: http://www.hudsonvalleyruins.org/alert/2013.html#starlite

St. Patrick's Church,

Watervliet, NY

~ Demolished Spring 2013~

The Catholic Diocese sold this ca. 1891 brick Gothic revival church to a development company that plans to build a Price Chopper on the site. The highly-contested sale was formally approved by a court judge in December 2012. Neighbors who wish that the church be preserved have filed a lawsuit against the Watervliet City Council on the charge that city and state laws were violated during the rezoning process. During this planning period the church building has been stripped of various architectural details and finishes. Also to be demolished are an adjacent rectory, school, and several rowhouses.

Source Article: ""Catholic Diocese of Albany, NY sells off Historic St. Patrick’s Church to Price Chopper for Demolition." By the Citizens for St. Patricks, HistPres.com, January 24, 2013.

Link to this entry: http://www.hudsonvalleyruins.org/alert/2013.html#stpats

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