1925 New York State Grain Elevator at Oswego

Hudson Valley Demolition Alert

As the Hudson Valley region undergoes its most massive physical transformation since Urban Renewal, we are losing historic sites at an alarming pace. Call it suburbanization, sprawl, whatever you like. We are losing the places that gave the Hudson Valley its identity in the first place. 

Know of an historic building scheduled for demolition? 
Email yasinsac@hudsonvalleyruins.org, with a name, location, description of building and scheduled date of demolition. Please keep photos relatively small - 400 pixels wide is fine. We will add new sites as notified.

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January 25, 2017

Hudson River Knitting Mill

Hudson, NY

~ Demolished January 18, 2017 ~

The surviving portion of the Hudson River Knitting Mill burned and was subsequently demolished on January 18, 2017. About two-thirds of the mill complex was demolished in 2009, leaving one building standing. The City of Hudson donated the building to a non-profit organization in September 2016. The group, known as Kite's Nest, was using the mill building for storage and planned to develop a youth center there. 

Source article:
"Fire crews battle early morning fire in vacant warehouse." By Samantha DiMascio and Lindsay Nielsen, News 10 ABC. January 18, 2017.

Link to this entry: http://www.hudsonvalleyruins.org/alert/2017.html#hudson

Mother Cabrini School,

Esopus, NY

~ Demolished January 2017 ~

The Mother Cabrini School, part of the Cabrini West Park/Saint Cabrini Home property, was demolished in January 2017. Established in 1890 as an orphanage for immigrant Italian girls, the property also served as a novitiate and the orphanage expanded in scope and service. The Mother Cabrini School, built in 1934, closed in 2011 after incurring debt and following several tragic and unfortunate incidents. The novitiate remains active with a very small number of nuns living on-site, and the majority of the property is being offered for sale. We did not have a photograph of the school but images can be found at the links below.

Source article:
"Demolition, asbestos repairs underway at St. Cabrini Home." By Pauline Liu, The Times Herald Record. January 9, 2017.
"PHOTOS: Demolition underway at Cabrini Home." By Paul Brooks, The Times Herald Record. January 9, 2017.

Link to this entry: http://www.hudsonvalleyruins.org/alert/2017.html#cabrini

Bridge Diner

, NY

~ Demolished Late 2016 ~

The Bridge Diner, featured on page 29 of "Hudson Valley Ruins; Forgotten Landmarks of an American Landscape", has been demolished (although some websites suggest that a buyer was interested in relocating the structure). It was considered to be the most intact, extant, diner produced by the Bixler Manufacturing Company, whose diners were known for being wider and taller than typical diners of that time. This diner was built between 1931 and 1937. Although abandoned  for some time, the diner remained intact when we first photographed it around 2005. It had been gutted more recently, and was gone entirely by or around the end of 2016.

Further Information:
"Bridge Diner - Coeymans, NY. Photo from August 23, 1986." Facebook post.

Link to this entry: http://www.hudsonvalleyruins.org/alert/2017.html#diner

Zino Nursery,

Yorktown, NY

Taconic Motel,

Yorktown, NY

Preparations for a long-discussed project in Yorktown have begun at the northwest corner of Route 35/202 and the Taconic Parkway. A motel, gas station, and nursery will be demolished and in their place will be built a Lowe's Home Improvement store, two restaurants, and a bank. 

Source article:
"Cortlandt, Yorktown Get New Shopping Destinations." By Michael P. McKinney, The Journal News. January 5, 2017. 
"Costco Out; Lowe's In." By Brian Marschhauser, Yorktown News. September 15, 2016.

Link to this entry: http://www.hudsonvalleyruins.org/alert/2017.html#zino


Hudson Valley Ruins
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Hudson Valley Demolition Alert 2016
   "The Barracks"/Mohegan Lake Boys School, Lake Mohegan; Harmon Railroad 
   Shop, Croton-on-Hudson; Nathaniel Booth House, Kingston; Village Hall, 
   Grandview; Hudson River State Hospital, Poughkeepsie; Matteawan Manufacturing 
   Company, Beacon, Brandreth Pill Factory, Ossining.

Matteawan Company, Beacon, NY.
Demolished April 2016

Hudson Valley Demolition Alert 2015
   Letchworth Village, Thiells; The Croft, Ossining; Orange County Government 
   Center, Goshen; Abram Lent House, Orangetown; Hudson River State Hospital, 
   Poughkeepsie; Middletown State Hospital, Middletown; Julia L. Butterfield 
   Memorial Hospital, Cold Spring; Nepera Chemical, Harriman.  

Abram Lent House, Orangetown, NY
Demolished April 2015

Hudson Valley Demolition Alert 2014
   Abram Lent House, Orangetown; Blue Store, Livingston; Oulagisket, Garrison;
   Halcyon Hall; Millbrook; Fort orange Paper Company, Castleton-on-Hudson;
   St. James Chapel, Garrison; Yonkers Teutonia, Yonkers.

Blue Store, Livingston, NY
Burned March 2014

Hudson Valley Demolition Alert 2013
   St. Patrick's Church, Watervliet; Starlite Theater, Latham; Bridge Plaza Neon    
   Signs, Tarrytown; Jackson House, Fishkill; Horton Sphere, Poughkeepsie; Second 
   Reformed Church, Philmont; Paul Clark House & Tavern, Albany; Yonkers 
   Teutonia, Yonkers; Curry Chevrolet Neon Signs, Scarsdale; Upper Station, Hudson.


Jackson House, Fishkill, NY
December 2013

Hudson Valley Demolition Alert 2012
   Bella Vista / Elk's Club, Ossining; Brandreth Pill factory, Ossining; Lebanon 
   Springs Union Free School, New Lebanon; 19 Livingston Avenue, Dobbs Ferry;    
   19th-century  brick mansion, Verplanck; Middle Hope Drive-In Theater, Middle 
   Hope; New York  Central-Putnam Division Railroad Station, Millwood; Rock Hill 
   Lodge / Holland Sporting Club, Mohegan Lake; Kospa Farmhouse, East 
   Greenbush; Matteawan Manufacturing Company, Beacon; Nelson House Hotel, 
   Poughkeepsie; Fresh Air  Home, Tomkins Cove; Knapp House, Yorktown; 
   Nathan's Hot Dogs, Yonkers; Teaberry Port, West Nyack; Public School 6, 
   Yonkers; Clovelea, Saugerties.

Lebanon Springs Union Free School
New Lebanon, NY
Demolished February 2012

Hudson Valley Demolition Alert 2011
   Brick Tavern, Claverack; Dutchess County Alms House, Poughkeepsie;
   Rensselaer and Saratoga Railroad Shop, Green Island; Memorial Field, Mount    
   Vernon; Malloy's Pharmacy, Stony Point; Texaco Research Laboratory, Beacon;
   Strang-Melbourne House, Yorktown; New York Central-Putnam Railroad Station, 
   Millwood; Meads Mountain House, Woodstock; Tioronda Hat Works, Beacon; 

Rensselaer and Saratoga Railroad Shop, Green Island, NY
Burned March 2011

Hudson Valley Demolition Alert 2010
   Tuxedo Electric Light Co. Power Station, Tuxedo; 12-14 North Astor Street, 
   Irvington; Bannerman's Island Arsenal, Fishkill; Anaconda Wire and Cable 
   Company, Hasting-on-Hudson; Hudson River Knitting Mill, Hudson; 
   Hamlet of Newton Hook, Stuyvesant; Hudson River State Hospital, Pougheepsie; 
   Historic Village Hall, Tarrytown; Dutton Lumberyard, Poughkeepsie; 
   Malloy's Pharmacy, Stony Point; Halcyon Hall, Millbrook; Freeman House, 
   Port Ewen; John Green House, Nyack; Teaberry Port, West Nyack; St. Peter's    
   Elementary School, Kingston; Public Bath Number 4, Yonkers.

Historic Village Hall
Tarrytown, NY
Demolished December 2010

Hudson Valley Demolition Alert 2009
   Stauffer chemical factory, Dobbs Ferry; Memorial Field, Mount Vernon; Hotel 
   Wellington, Albany; Carvel Ice Cream Bakery, Hartsdale; James Thompson Mill,
   Valley Falls; 284 Main Street, Poughkeepsie; Heritage Park Stadium, Colonie; 
   Proctor's Theater, Troy.

Carvel Ice Cream Bakery
Hartsdale, NY
Demolished April 2009

Hudson Valley Demolition Alert 2008
   Centennial Hose Company firehouse, Peekskill; Warburton Avenue Block, 
   Yonkers; Masonic Lodge, Yonkers; Fort Slocum/David's Island, New Rochelle; 
   Kedem Winery, Milton; The Lancaster, Hastings-on-Hudson; Storms Tavern, 
   Valley Cottage; Powell and Minnock Brickyard, Coeymans;  Rensselaer Iron 
   Works, Troy; Vineyard Avenue Fire Station, Yonkers; Yonkers Health Center, 
   Yonkers; Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church, Poughkeepsie; Carvel Ice Cream 
   Bakery, Hartsdale; Lovett Generating Station, Tomkins Cove.

Powell and Minnock kiln sheds 
Coeymans, NY. 
Demolished Winter 2007-2008.

Hudson Valley Demolition Alert 2007
   Red Apple Rest, Tuxedo; Browning-Green Mansion, Tarrytown; Erie Railroad 
   Station, Harriman; Chester Hide and Skin, Chester; Woodlands Lake Restaurant, 
   Irvington; Lafayette Paper Company, New Windsor; Hudson River State Hospital,
   Poughkeepsie; 67 North Broadway, Yonkers; Goodhue Memorial Hall (Hackley 
   School), Tarrytown; Carvel Ice Cream bakery, Hartsdale; Annie's Snack Shack,
   Stony Point, Dennings Point Brick Works, Beacon; Terwilliger's Grist Mill,
   Saugerties; Theall-McCollum (Croton Magnetic) Mine, Brewster; Putnam and 
   Mellor Engine and Hose Companies, Port Chester; Halcyon Hall update, 

Annie's Snack Shack, 
Stony Point, NY
Demolished October 2007

Hudson Valley Demolition Alert 2006
   Stokes-Greene Mansion, Cortlandt; Habirshaw Wire Company, Yonkers; New
   York Rubber factory, Beacon; County Asphalt plant, Tarrytown; Waterfront 
   industrial buildings, Ossining; Storms Tavern, Valley Cottage; Henry Gourdine's
   fishing shed, Ossining; Grandview School, Catskill; first Carvel Ice Cream stand,
   Hartsdale; Continental Army Encampment and Supply Depot, Fishkill; Tioronda
   Bridge, Beacon; North Highlands Methodist Episcopal Church, Philisptown.

Henry Gourdine's Fishing Shed,
Ossining, NY
Demolished May 2006

Hudson Valley Demolition Alert 2005
    Tioronda Bridge, Beacon; Vineyard Avenue Fire Station #2, Yonkers; Public 
    School 6, Yonkers; Sedgwick Machine, Poughkeepsie; Yonkers Power Station,    
    Yonkers; Rockland Drive-In Theatre, Monsey; Halcyon Hall, Millbrook; 
    Farmhouse, Tarrytown; Nelson House, Poughkeepsie.

Hudson Valley Demolition Alert July - December, 2004
    Forst Meat Packing, Kingston; Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research,
   Yonkers; Trolley Barn, Kingston; Kimlin Cider Mill, Poughkeepsie; Fort  
   Homestead, Poughkeepsie

Hudson Valley Demolition Alert February - June, 2004
    Tappan Zee Playhouse, Nyack; Hutton Brickyard, Kingston; Smith-Robinson
    House, Ossining; Anaconda Wire and Cable, Hastings-on-Hudson; Garner
    Bleachery, Wappingers Falls; Elks Club (Carpenter Mansion), Ossining; 
    Campbell House, Mount Pleasant; Grandview School, Catskill.

New York Rubber Factory, 
Beacon, NY
Burned August 2005

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