Turret window, Crag Inch Lodge,
Bannerman's Island.

Yaz' Hudson Valley Ruins 

Abandoned Quarry
Bannerman Castle at Pollepel Island
European Health Spa, Scarsdale
Halsey Teahouse, Irvington
Hudson Cement Company, East Kingston
Middle Hope Drive-In Theater
Ossining Banks
Peekskill ruins
Starlight Coach Diner, Elmsford

These links refer to pages that contain some night photographs of the ruins.

I am working on a new, non-ruins, website which will host all other night photography.  That link will be posted here in due time.

The Hermit's Grave, Irvington, NY.


David Baldwin's Night Photography page.
Hours of Darkness - Long Island-based night photography.
Lost America - Night photography of ruins.
The Nocturnes - A resource  night photography.
Berthold Steinhilber Photography - Visit the Lightworks section.

Yaz’ Hudson 
Valley Ruins and Abandoned Buildings, etc.

Yaz’ Hudson Valley Ruins and Abandoned Buildings, etc.

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