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A partial listing of books that I referenced while researching ruins along the Hudson River. Bear in mind that, by and large,  most of these books are not about ruins per se, but contain information about one or more ruins I have photographed.  In addition, numerous town-specific books published by local historical societies exist and are worth seeking out, including newer publications such as the popular Images of America series (Arcadia Publishing).

American Architecture, Westchester County, New York: Colonial to Contemporary. ~ Sanchis, Frank E.: The North River Press, 1977.

Bannerman Castle (Images of America). ~ Johnson, Thom and Barbara Gottlock.: Arcadia Publishing, 2006.
    Link to buy book.

The Catskill Mountain House. ~ Van Zandt, Roland.: Black Dome Press, 1991.

The Catskills From Wilderness to Woodstock. Evers, Alf.: Doubleday Publishing, 1972.
    Related Title:
    Woodstock History of an American Town. ~ Evers, Alf.: The Overlook Press, 1987.

Dutch Vernacular Architecture in North American, 1640-1830. ~ Stevens, John R. Hudson Valley Vernacular Architecture Association, 2005. Link to buy book.
Related Titles:
Dutch Colonial Homes in America. ~ Gross, Geoffrey, Susan Piatt, Roderic H. Blackburn, 
        and Harrison Frederick Meeske.: Rizzoli International Publications, 2002.

    Dutch Houses in the Hudson Valley Before 1776.
~ Reynolds, Helen Wilkinson.: Dover Publications, 1965.
    Pre-Revolutionary Dutch Houses and Families in Northern New Jersey and Southern New York
    ~ Bailey, Rosalie Fellows.: Dover Publications, 1968.

The Great Hudson River Brick Industry. Hutton, George V.: Purple Mountain Press, 2003.
Related Title:
    Within These Gates. deNoyelles, Daniel.: Daniel de Noyelles, 1982. (Book about the Haverstraw brick industry.)
        Link to buy book.

Great River of the Mountains: The Hudson. ~ Bowen, Croswell. Hastings House (New York). 1941.

The Handy Guide to the Hudson River and Catskill Mountains. ~ Ingersoll, Ernest.: Ernest Ingersoll, 1910. Reprint by J.C. & A.L. Fawcett, Inc. Astoria, NY, 1989.

The Hudson. ~ Carmer, Carl.: Farrar & Rinehart, 1939.

The Hudson, From the Wilderness to the Sea. ~ Lossing, Benson J.: H.B. Nims & Co., 1866. Reprinted by Black Dome Press, Hensonville, NY, 2000.

The Hudson River Guidebook. ~ Adams, Arthur G.: Fordham University Press, 1996.
Related Title:
    Hudson River Watertrail Guide. ~ Giddy, Ian et al. Hudson River Watertrail Association. 6th ed., 2003.

The Hudson Through the Years. ~ Adams, Arthur G.: Fordham University Press, 1996.

The Hudson River Highlands. ~ Dunwell, Frances F.: Columbia University Press, 1991.

The Hudson River Valley. ~ Reed, John.: Bonanza Books, 1960.

Hudson River Villas. Zukowsky, John and Robbe Pierce Stimson: Rizzoli International Publications, 1985.
Related Titles:
    Great Houses of the Hudson River. ~ Dwyer, Michael Middleton, ed.: Little Brown and Company, 2001.
    Historic Houses of the Hudson Valley. ~  Eberlein, Harold Donaldson and Cortlandt van Dyke Hubbard.
        :Bonanza Books, 1942.

Hudson Valley Tales and Trails. Clyne, Patricia Edwards: Overlook Press, 1990.

Looking For Work: The Industrial Architecture of Columbia County. Photographs by Anita Giraldo. Columbia County Historical Society: Kinderhook, New York, 2007.

My River Chronicles: Rediscovering America on the Hudson. ~ DuLong, Jessica. Free Press, 2009. Link to buy book.

New York Walk Book. ~ New York-New Jersey Trail Conference. Sixth Edition, 1998

The Oblong to the Hudson, A Sampling of History in Photographs by Harry Wirtz. ~ Wirtz, Harry.: Yorktown Printing Corporation, 1976.

One Hundred Years on "Resort Ridge"  The Legendary Mountain Hotels of the Northern Catskills. ~ Ham, John M: Stony Clove and Catskill Mountain Press, 2008.

Palisades: 100,000 Acres in 100 Years. ~ Binnewies, Robert O.: Fordham University Press and Palisades Interstate Park Commission, 2001.

Possessions: The History and Uses of Hauntings in the Hudson Valley. ~ Richardson, Judith.: Harvard University Press, 2003.

The Riverkeepers. ~ Cronin, John and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: Scribner, 1997. (Discusses pollution at ruin sites like Anaconda Wire and Cable in Hastings-on-Hudson and New York Rubber/Tuck Tape in Beacon.)

Sing Sing Prison (Images of America). ~ Cheli, Guy: Arcadia Publishing, 2003.

Up River: Man Made Sites of Interest on the Hudson From the Battery to Troy.~  The Center for Land Use Interpretation: Blast Books, 2008.

Vanishing Ironworks of the Ramapos. ~ Ransom, James M.: Rutgers University Press, 1966.

The following publications are also of great interest to me.

Abandoned New England: Its Hidden Ruins and How to Find Them. ~ Robinson, William F.: New York Graphic Society, 1976.

Ghostly Ruins: America's Forgotten Architecture. ~ Skrdla, Harry.: Princeton Architectural Press, 2006.

Ghosts Along the Mississippi: An Essay in the Poetic Interpretation of Louisiana's Plantation Architecture.
~ Laughlin, Clarence John.: Bonanza Books, 1948.

In Ruins: The Once Great Houses of Ireland. ~ Marsden, Simon and Duncan McLaren.: Little, Brown and Company, 1997.

Invisible New York. ~  Greenberg, Stanley.: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1998.

Lost America. - Paiva, Troy.: Motorbooks International, 2003.

Lost Russia: Photographing the Ruins of Russian Architecture. ~ Brumfield, William Craft.: Duke University Press, 1995.

New York's Forgotten Substations. ~ Payne, Christopher.: Princeton Architectural Press.

Vanishing America: The End of Main Street Diners, Drive-Ins, Donut Shops, and Other Everyday Monuments. ~ Eastman Michael: Rizzoli, 2008.

Vestiges of Grandeur: Plantations of Louisiana's River Road. ~ Sexton, Richard.: Chronicle Books, 1999.

Yaz’ Hudson Valley Ruins and Abandoned Buildings, etc.

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