HVR 2012

As I did last year, I present a calendar of images not yet published on this website (except possibly for one picture from a month in which I did not shoot many ruins.)

[I published this post two days ago but there seems to have been a glitch in the notification process, so I am reposting it.]

Bedroom? Or Office? Such nice light in here, it would make for a happy place.


Cold storage tunnel.

Not schockproof but deadly.


This Old, Old House.

Davenport, Delaware County, NY.
An honorary entry as I did not photograph any Hudson Valley Ruins in July, except for Prattsville on the western edge of Greene County (if that counts) but I have already presented those photographs here.

Northgate ruins from above.

Reverse ruin – the preserved members of the Solite barn under reassembly at the Saugerties Historical Society.

Lime kiln ruins, new to me and an accidental find.

Taconic motel.


Knapp House, Yorktown.

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Happy holidays, belated and present.

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6 Responses to HVR 2012

  1. Pete says:

    Happy Holidays to you Rob. Thanks for a great site.

  2. Richard Cunningham says:

    Great stuff as always.

  3. Rebecca Elise says:

    March – hmmm, are you able to say where this tunnel is? Fascinating.
    June – love the “This old House”, tv series reference.
    August – What is Northgate?
    November – LOVE the old Catskill area hotel/motels off the Taconic.

  4. Diane Foubert says:

    I, too, loved the Old, Old House. Didn’t know you went as far as Delaware Co, NY,,,,,,,,,,we have a cabin on a little lake up from Andes!

    • HV-Rob says:

      Not usually! I was on my way home from a weekend in Cooperstown. It is beautiful up that way, lots of scenic farms, and good driving too.

      Good to hear from you Diane, Happy New Year to you.


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