City Hall

    February 9, 2005. City Hall was built in 1907 after the government offices moved out of the historic Philipse Manor Hall. The new Beaux-Arts building was designed by H. Lansing Quick, whose father Edwin A. Quick designed numerous other municipal buildings in Westchester.

Getty Square

    February 9, 2005. The City of Yonkers was seeking to have the parcel of land and buildings at right condemned for construction of a lower-tier minor-league baseball team. The building at right-center is the C.H. Martin department store, which fought condemnation. The owner sought landmark designation from the City of Yonkers, which wanted the building gone, claiming it was not historic. A few years ago, the City was singing a different tune when the owners of C.H. Martin planned changes to windows at their building, but were told such changes as requested would not be allowed as it was a historic building. In late 2004, the developers of the proposed baseball stadium announced plans which would work around the existing buildings.

Apartment Building, New Main Street

February 9, 2005. View from the City Hall parking lot roof.

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