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Illustrated Presentations - Slide Show and Lecture Program
Rob Yasinsac is available to deliver programs about Hudson Valley Ruins, the great houses and estates in Irvington and Tarrytown, as well as a presentation specifically about Briarcliff Lodge. Rob has presented to numerous historical societies and groups in the lower Hudson Valley. He and Tom Rinaldi are currently delivering presentations based on their book Hudson Valley Ruins: Forgotten Landmarks of an American Landscape. Email
yasinsac@hudsonvalleyruins.org to arrange an illustrated presentation.

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In Print - Newspaper and Magazine Articles and Book Contributions

The Hudson River Valley Regional Review - Autumn 2006. Photograph of Wyndclyffe accompanies article "Finding the House of Mirth in the Hudson River Valley.

A Fairy Tale Christmas: Creating Magical Celebrations Inspired by an Enchanted Castle, by Karen Anderson (Stewart, Tabori and Chang, 2006). Includes photograph of Lyndhurst with the Aurora Borealis.

Milbank Memorial Fund Centennial Report 1905-2005 - Includes a photograph of Hudson River State Hospital. See top of page 29 of the .pdf  file (page number 27 in the booklet.)

Oswego Alumni Magazine - Summer 2005 Issue."40 Under 40." See page 4 of the .pdf file to read about Rob Yasinsac, profiled as one of  "Oswego’s young alumni [who] are doing great things. Read all about the artists and entertainers, helpers and heroes, teachers and informers, and doers and dreamers in this special feature."

The Half Moon Press - January 2005. "Yonkers Examines Historic Preservation."- Review of the December 11, 2004 conference "Historic Preservation as a Tool for Community Building," arranged by Chuck Lesnick.

The Half Moon Press - October 2004. "Remembering Briarcliff Lodge."

American Spirit - September/October 2004. "The Hudson River Valley - Our Defining Landscape" illustrated with three photographs of the Old Dutch Church and Burying Ground, and Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.

Hudson Valley Magazine - August 2004. Article "Out All Night" illustrated with image of the Residence, Bannerman's Island.

The Journal News - August 21, 2004. "Briarcliff Lodge History Preserved in Photos." Article by Rob Marchant.

The Journal News - May 14, 2004. "Slavery Here, Remembered." Article by Linda Lombroso. The Journal News talks with Rob Yasinsac at Philipsburg Manor, Sleepy Hollow, NY. No Hudson Valley Ruins content.

The Journal News - December 6, 2003. "Rockland Ruins." Article by Joanne Furio.

The Rivertowns Enterprise - October 24, 2003. "Keeper of the Ruins." Article by Nelly Edmondson Gupta.

The Journal News - September 28, 2003. "Historic lodge fire in Briarcliff Manor called suspicious." Marcela Rojas' article is illustrated by a Rob Yasinsac photograph.

Hudson River Water Trail Guide - Sixth Edition, by Ian H. Giddy and the Hudson River Watertrail Association. Rob Yasinsac authored a two-page photo essay entitled "Hudson Valley Ruins."

New York Times - November 17, 2002, Westchester Section. "Decrepit, Crumbling, Even Perilous? Perfect!" Rob Yasinsac, Mark Jelley and Jim Logan document and promote lesser-known historic sites in the Hudson Valley.

Westchester County Weekly  - September 13-19, 2001. "Forgotten Westchester" chronicles several ruins in the Hudson Valley and the people who document, promote and protect them.

Preservation Magazine - July/August 2001. "Who's News" profiles Rob Yasinsac's website and his efforts to chronicle the Hudson Valley's ruins.

The Journal News - June 26, 2001. "Seeing Beauty in the Ruins." Robert Marchant writes about Rob Yasinsac's efforts to raise awareness of threatened buildings in the Hudson Valley. Seth Harrison's photos show Rob inside the Glenwood Power Station.

TOKION Magazine - Issue #24, House Issue." "New York Ghost Town" features 6 pages of color photos and website excerpts from Hudson Valley Ruins. To buy back issues, choose "Shop" from their pull down menu.

New York Times - June 4, 2000, Westchester Section. "A Passion for the Hudson Valley's Ruins." Robert Worth writes about Rob Yasinsac's efforts to document the ruins of the Hudson Valley. Chris Maynard's photos show Rob outside some of his favorite ruins.

New York Press - February 24, 2000. Andrey Slivka joined Tom Rinaldi and Rob Yasinsac on visits to the ruins. Andrey mentions them in the larger context of the changing Hudson Valley landscape. Wyndclyffe is the cover photo, and four more of Rob Yasinsac's photos are inside.

Online Contributions and Collaborations
Preservation Online - March 29, 2010. "End of a Fairy tale? Upstate N.Y. Castle Collapses." By Rebecca Rego Barry. Photographic contribution.

Preservation Online
- November 1, 2006. "First Carvel Store Sold to Developers." By Margaret Foster. Photographic contribution.

Preservation Online - October 23, 2006. "N.Y. School Demolished for Chain Drugstore." By Margaret Foster. Photographic contribution.

Preservation Online - April 25, 2006. "NYC To Renovate 1760 House on Upstate Reservoir." By Margaret Foster. Photographic contribution.

Two Feet Thick
- "Who is the real 'Leatherman'?" The story behind the Pearl Jam song "Leatherman," written with John Reynolds.

Preservation Online
- March 23, 2005."133-Year-Old Bridge to be Dismantled." By Carolyn Galgano. Photographic contribution.

Preservation Online - September 30, 2003. "Briarcliff Lodge Burns in "Suspicious Fire." By Margaret Foster. Photographic contribution.

Preservation Online - March 3, 2003. "Developer May Raze 1902 Hotel for Retirement Community." Salvatore Deluca interviews Rob Yasinsac regarding plans for the demolition of Briarcliff Lodge. Photographic contribution.

Preservation Online - February 21, 3003. "Down and Out on the Hudson - The mansion that inspired the phrase "keeping up with the Joneses" is for sale as a possible teardown." By David Griffin. Photographic contribution. 

September 7, 2006 - November 1, 2006
- "Yonkers Power Station: Monumental Ruins on the Hudson." Municipal Art Society. With Tom Rianldi.

November 20, 2005 - January 8, 2006 - "Yonkers: Then and Now," presented by Blue Door Art Gallery and The Yonkers Historical Society. Yonkers Public Library - Riverfront Branch.

Radio and Television
March 5, 2005 - "The Yonkers Tribune: On the Level With Hezi Aras." WVOX-1460 AM, New Rochelle. A celebration of community victories in Yonkers, with Deirdre Hoare, Martin McGloin, and Rob Yasinsac.

The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution
- Recognition of Outstanding Achievement in Historic Preservation, June 2005.

The National Parks Service
- Photo Contest, July, 2000. Rob Yasinsac's photograph of Lyndhurst and the Aurora Borealis was  selected for Best Image of Interpreted National Historic Landmark.

Ericstan, Tarrytown 


Hudson Valley Ruins and Abandoned Buildings, etc.

Yaz’ Hudson Valley Ruins and Abandoned Buildings, etc.

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