Briarcliff Lodge
"Then and Now"

    On September 19, 2003, I scanned many of the images here, for what would be one last look at Briarcliff Lodge before demolition was set to begin on September 24. The idea for this page was to show side-by-side views and scenes and rooms from the early days of Briarcliff Lodge alongside my photographs of the building in a state of abandonment.

    When Barrington Venture, LLC, announced they wanted to acquire the property, they were required to complete an environmental review of the site
. That study included a historical summary of the property. The Village of Briarcliff Manor accepted the position of Saccardi and Schiff, the consultant hired by Barrington Venture, that the building did not retain enough original architectural significance, and that it was in poor condition and should be demolished. I had spoken and written that the building indeed did retain historic and architectural significance, and that buildings in far worse shape had been restored, with numerous examples here in the Hudson Valley. These photos show that one hundred years of use, reuse, and disuse had not altered the historic fabric of the building.

    One day after I scanned these photographs, the original section of Briarcliff Lodge burned to the ground. I decided to go ahead and post the images as a time-capsule of this historic building.

Click on the links below to see the historic and contemporary comparisons.

East Facade

Porte Cochere

Roof View


Dining Room\


Dutch Room

Oak Room


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