Briarcliff Lodge
September 20, 2003

    The original 1902 section of Briarcliff Lodge burned to the ground on September 20, 2003. I happened to be driving north on Route 9A through Briarcliff Manor at 6:45 am and noticed the smoke up in the hills. I knew right away what it was. I returned later in the day and photographed what remained of the building. Click on the photographs to enlarge them.

The view from Central Drive at 7am, with the main section of the Lodge fully engulfed in flames.

The view from Central Drive at 7am, looking down the old golf course.

The north wing.

A fireman looks back at the ruins as he walks down the driveway that once led to the porte cochere.

The charred ruins of the 1906 north wing.

The 1909 Addition, towering over the smoldering ruins at 7:30pm.


Photographs from the September 20, 2003 Fire
Millwood Fire Company

Scarborough Engine Company - Briarcliff Lodge Fire

Scarborough Engine Company - Music Building Fire (October 2000)

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