May 27, 2002

    Dugan's is a roadside eatery that has been vacant as long as I have known it, very likely since the early 1980s, when it was used as a bread distributor. An area resident told me it was a Burger King in a previous life. Carvel is sometimes associated with this place, but I don't have anything tangible on that. It is architecturally unique, with projecting metal wings on the roof appearing like the rear-end of a 1950s automobile jammed into the ground. The property is now used by construction crews as a staging area. The interior is remarkably clean for a building abandoned as long as this one.



Some interesting info from an email received this summer regarding Carvel / Dugan's / Hubie Burger:

"Hi Rob…Was looking at your website. I travel the Saw Mill Pkwy often and noticed they demolished the old building over the last year. I remember the place as a kid. I read the comments submitted by some of the visitors to your website. The link below regarding Tom Carvel mentions all three (
Carvel / Dugan's / Hubie Burger) in the second to last paragraph under "History". Evidently they were all businesses in which Tom Carvel had a hand in. The history is pretty interesting. Enjoy!


- Tony B."

UPDATE JULY 16, 2006:

I have received emails stating that Dugan's was recently demolished.


I have received various emails recently regarding Dugan's. I quote:

1. "That "Dugan's" on the side of the saw mill was definitely a Carvel, actually was opened for a short  time in the late 1970's."

2. "I grew up around the Saw Mill River Parway area in the period of 1969X1970 The building held a Carvel ice cream stand that served great hamburgers called Hubie burgers. Better than McDonalds. My father was a police surgeon for the Westchester County Parkway Police so I would drive around with him and he would stop there sometimes to by me something to eat." - David S.

3. "I’m 57 years old and vividly remember that building on the Saw Mill River Pkwy. It was definitely a Carvel’s  but it looked more like a distribution facility than the Carvel “store.”  The large sealed openings were loading bays. We’re talking ca. 1960’s-ish. We had family friends in Ardsley so we used the Saw Mill to visit. Carvel was a well-known ice cream chain in those days and pre-dated McDonald’s. It was a huge treat for us to go to Carvel’s (I lived in New Rochelle at the time). I hope this helps. " - Steven P. M.


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