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The Stephen Sanford & Sons mills (more popularly known as Bigelow-Sanford) appear to have lost some buildings, judging by aerial photographs seen at this website. After the great carpet manufacturing flight to the southern United State sin the 1950s, some of the factories found reuse. The last major tenant to occupy this site was toy manufacturer Coleco, which arrived here in the late 1960s for a run that lasted twenty years. Coleco didn't use the site for manufacturing, but rather for packaging and shipping popular '80s toys such as Cabbage Patch Dolls. 

Also of interest, the Friends of Sanford Stud Farm are partnering with the Town of Amsterdam to help oversee the restoration and preservation of the former Sanford Stud Farm as a Heritage Center because of its historical, educational, architectural and cultural significance. Stephen Sanford turned to recreational pursuits as an outlet from the stress of business life and established one of the largest and most recognized thoroughbred breeding facilities in the nation. The Broodmare barn has suffered neglect in recent years and is in urgent need of preservation.

These photographs were taken February 3, 2006.

The mills pictured here are not necessarily abandoned, though the hustle and bustle of the days of carpet-making are long over. Here today firms produce solar pool covers, tent sidewalls, kitchen cabinets, and dog agility equipment. Willow Street Lace (formerly Bojud knitting mill) manufactures lace.

This and the two images above it: Fiber Glass Industries is Currently running on all 5 floors, converting fiber glass strand into fiber glass cloth. The company 155 people in 2 facilities and is expanding.

The "clock tower mill," which still seems to be actively used.

ABOVE and BELOW: This restaurant, now closed, must have served hundreds of millworkers daily.

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