Tamarack Lodge fire

The Tamarack Lodge in Greenfield Park (Ulster County) burned on Saturday April 7, 2012. Over 30 buildings were destroyed; some were occupied but the main building and others were abandoned. The Times-Herald Record has an article here and a video here. Pictures of the abandoned lodge can be found all over the internet; here is one set on flickr and a more thorough study of the various bungalows on the great Vanishing Catskills website.

UPDATE #1: Here is a good follow-up from the Daily Freeman.

UPDATE #2: Tamarack’s buyer charged with arson. Also from the Times Herald-Record, a history of Tamarack Lodge. The Albany Times-Union has a good photo of one of the main structures burning. And a bonus today, an article about the shutdown of Tamarack Lodge in 2000. Apparently it shut down a few times in its last years; I don’t believe it reopened after the 2000 incident.

I never did shoot Tamarack Lodge myself (Bing aerial). It was on my to-do list but it never quite made it to top of the list as a priority.

On the positive side, a local village board actually had the backbone to deny a demolition permit for a historic home. The Bedford-Pound Ridge Record review reported on March 30 about a mansion, known as the Belfry, on Holly Branch Road in Katonah. Read about the decision to protect the house here.

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