Home For Sale

This could be the home of your dreams.

Features mature landscaping;

Lovely historic windows;

A piano for the budding musician in your family;

This is just one of two TVs in the living room – never argue again about what program to watch;

Has a little problem with the roof, needs work (a handyman’s delight!);

And a fantastic view from the front door!

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One Response to Home For Sale

  1. Fred Rieck says:

    … seems to me, … that back in ’58 (or ’twasit ’56), … Mad Magazine featured a seminar in one of their “periodicals” on how to read Real Estate and Used Car advertisments. By educating the reader in the true meaning of all those contractions which typify ads of this sort, one could honestly describe a property, as the one featured here, and transform it into a virtual habitational delight, fantastic beyond the most starry visions of the seller … which I’m certain it is, for anything that hops, crawls, slithers or eats cheese and buzzes.

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