Gallery tours tomorrow!

Hudson Valley Ruins Gallery Tours
November 18, 2017, 1:00pm and 3:00pm

Photo by Tom Rinaldi.
August 20, 2016.

Friendly reminder that Saturday November 18 will be the last time that Tom Rinaldi and I will lead gallery tours of our “Hudson Valley Ruins” exhibition at the New York State Museum! Tours begin at 1pm and 3pm. Many thanks to all whom have visited already, and we look forward to meeting those who plan to visit this weekend. The exhibition remains on display through December 31.

Century House Historical Society presentation
December 2, 2017, 1:00pm

Kiln Ruin, Berme Road, High Falls, NY.
May 27, 2017

Up next will be an illustrated presentation Saturday December 2, at 1:00pm, at the Century House Historical Society’s Annual Meeting at the Rosendale Community Center.

Sorry I have not posted much lately. A few updates:

Anaconda Wire and Cable Company
Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

The last remaining building at the Anaconda Wire and Cable Company factory was demolished during the past few months. Here are more photos from August 26, 2017.


St. John’s German Evangelical Lutheran Church
Yonkers, NY

Reader Jeff Alterman just alerted me to the demolition of St. John’s German Evangelical Lutheran Church, said to have been built in 1874, in Yonkers. The property at 40-48 Hudson Street is to be redeveloped with a 156-unit residential tower. Seems like the church building was in good shape, too bad it wasn’t converted for reuse. I wish I knew earlier – if anyone else is selling a church or other building for demolition, please let me know so I can photograph it! Thanks Jeff for the link and for the Anaconda updates.

Rhinebeck, NY

Wyndclyffe seems to have been sold (again) in early October. The potential sale in early 2017 to a neighbor who expressed interest in demolishing the ruins did not transpire and the property again appeared in real estate listings. Zillow currently shows the property as sold on 10/04/17 for $170,000. Drone video from June 2017 shows that the roof of the northwest section of the house has now collapsed. The interior portion of that section had previously collapsed. Thanks to Robert Christensen for Wyndclyffe alerts and updates.

On a happier note, please check out these watercolors of Wyndclyffe by Ian Hunter. I really like them. Ian also painted Tannersville’s Cold Spring Lodge, which also suffered another collapse this summer.


Tappan Zee Bridge
Demolition of the Tappan Zee Bridge is underway. RIP to a classic bridge whose form and beams and rivets are more-visually interesting to me than the boring concrete uprights of the replacement bridge. I liked that the undulating outline of the Tappan Zee Bridge harmonized with the hills of Rockland County, as viewed from Tarrytown. Here are a couple photos from Friday November 10, 2017.

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2 Responses to Gallery tours tomorrow!

  1. KATHY says:

    Wonderful pictures that will soon be history for the Tappan Zee Bridge. I find the lighting on the new bridge very non-descript. When you neared the TZB from the Nyack side of the river you knew where you were and it was beautiful. I find the lighting on he new bridge almost absent except for lighting on the eight tall spires. The 3 billion price tag does not make it any more appealing to me. I think current politics felt it had to leave some kind of a legacy at all costs. From space I think it will look like all other cable stayed bridges around the world.

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