Wyndclyffe Update – April 2017

Local rumor has it that Wyndclyffe is under contract to a buyer who wishes to demolish the ruins. An application for a “Certificate of Removal or Demolition under Town Code Chapter 125, Zoning, Section 125-62, Historic Buildings, in the matter of the proposed demolition of the circa 1853 “Wyndclyffe Mansion” ” was filed with the Town of Rhinebeck Planning Board this past winter. This application seems to have slipped under the radar of many persons who would have been interested; the comment period ended February 6, 2017.

Thanks to one of our readers for passing on the link.

Here are some recent photographs.

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3 Responses to Wyndclyffe Update – April 2017

  1. Nicholas Orlich says:

    This will be a great loss if this house is demolished.
    Hope that they will think issue through before acting !

  2. Robert Christensen says:

    Zillow shows pending sale as of 10-5-17.
    Email dead now.

  3. Robert Christensen says:

    Check out Wyndclyffe Mansion Rhinebeck NY in 4K
    YouTube Filmed June 2017. Appears to show
    New damage or demolition

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