Harmon Railroad Shop

Commuters along the MTA Metro-North Hudson Line should have noticed that the New York Central and Hudson River Railroad Maintenance Shop at Harmon (Croton-on-Hudson) is undergoing substantial demolition and reconstruction. The work will include demolition and replacement of the eastern side of the Harmon Main Shop building with a two-track, 10-car double-ended Consist Shop; demolition of the Blowshed building, and demolition of the existing Recycling Center facility.

The Harmon Shop was featured in Frank Sanchis’ landmark book “American Architecture: Westchester County, New York.” Sanchis stated, of the shop:

“At Croton-Harmon stands a tremendous building, constructed in 1906 as the shop building of the Harmon Yards. This was, and still is, the terminus of the electric service on the Hudson Line, and the shop was designed to service both diesel and electric locomotives. A separate shop, servicing steam engines, which were discontinue din 1953, was demolished. The remaining shop features a saw-toothed, skylighted roof – a characteristic of many other large industrial buildings as well.”

Further details of this project can be found at the following links:
Thomas Rinaldi photographs are from August 14, 2015.

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  1. Rebecca Elise says:

    Great post Rob. I’m so familiar with this building and so this was of interest.

  2. Hosting says:

    Gannett Fleming provided dynamic, multidisciplinary designs for several mixed-facility improvement projects at the complex. We prepared the design-build construction documents for a new wheel-truing facility, the first in North America to offer a tandem-wheel lathe for truing four wheels simultaneously; the construction documents for repairs and renovations to the main shop; and the study and design of facility modifications and improvements to support the railroad s new fleet of M-7 electric cars. We also prepared the design-bid-build documents for repairs and renovations to the complex s equipment maintenance facility, with improvements that included roof and fa ade repairs, plumbing renovations, and compressor replacements.

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