Staples Brickyard

Gantry Crane. December 27, 2003.
This gantry crane, an iconic waterfront feature of the brickyards, has since been dismantled.


Loading device of some kind
This photograph and all others taken December 25, 2007, unless otherwise noted.


The same barge is shown in the image below, taken four years earlier, when more of the superstructure remained.


Barge. December 27, 2003.
Scores of reject brick line the shore at this and other brickyards along the Hudson.


House ruin by the river.


House ruin and car, by the brick machine building. December 27, 2003.
The house has since either collapsed or been demolished, the car is gone as well.

Car by the river.

Car on the hill.

House on the hill.

Everything but the kitchen sink.


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Ruins and Abandoned Buildings, etc.

Yaz’ Hudson Valley Ruins and Abandoned Buildings, etc.

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