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March 17, 1999

    This Bridge Street icon was boarded up during the entire four years I was in Oswego. During my short stay there, I witnessed the closing down, boarding up, and destruction of numerous Oswego landmarks. Though some of these buildings were of questionable architectural and historical significance, these sites were prominent in their location and had been attended to by many thousands of students over the years.

    Buckland's was a popular gathering spot 1995-96, especially on Thursday nights for freshmen, because anyone under 21 could get in and drink all the cheap beer and watered-down mixed-drinks for 5 bucks on "Aussie Night," when the place was let out to a certain fraternity whose colors are green and yellow. I am told the joint next door, Broadwell's, was even seedier. Bucklands closed after freshman year, and the pizza place on the triangle across the street shut down as well. By the time I graduated, Broadwell's, Bucklands, and the pizza shop were demolished, and in place of the two bars were erected a McDonald's, and a gas station and convenience store. and not far away was built yet another drug store. I have never seen so many drug stores in such close proximity as in Oswego.

    Further down Bridge Street the Queen Anne style-Buckhout Building was closed, opened, and closed again during my stay (it actually closed just after my graduation). Its neighbors, the trendy night spot Coconuts (often referred to by OSU students by a more memorable and similar sounding name), and New York Pizza, burned just before Spring Break in 1998, with tragic consequences. New York Pizza rebuilt by 1999. And after graduation, the Oompa's block burned down.

    The Elk's Lodge was still standing in 2001, at least.

 March 17, 1999

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