Milestones from the late 18th-century still survive in Westchester County, standing along what was known as the Albany Post Road. Sometimes the stones have been set into short sections of stone wall in an otherwise open field adjoining the road; in other locations they are now part of the longer stone walls that once marked the boundaries of 19th-century estates. Other roads branching out from the post road have mile markers as well. This page shows some of the surviving milestones near the Hudson River in Westchester County. These stones are located along Route 9 (usually known as Broadway, though in some villages it takes a different name), unless otherwise noted.

 "(stone is chipped away) Miles From New York"

Yonkers, NY
Photographed March 3, 2007
Stone wall on North Broadway in front of 
Alder Manor / Foxfire School.

Appears to show "26 Miles From New York"

Ardsley-on-Hudson, NY
Photographed March 22, 2006
Set in a stone monument on lawn of Mercy College.

(Indecipherable. Only a "7" is clear.)

Irvington, NY
Photographed March 22, 2006
Stone wall just north of Station Road.

"Miles From New York 28"

Sleepy Hollow, NY
Photographed March 22, 2006
In front of the Old Dutch Church of Sleepy Hollow.

NOTE: It is believed that this stone was originally located on Broadway in Tarrytown, just north of Sunnyside Lane. Likely moved to Sleepy Hollow by Ambrose C. Kingsland.

"From New York." 
(Otherwise indecipherable.)

Mount Pleasant, NY
Photographed April 29, 2006
Northern entrance wall of Rockwood Hall.



 Appears to show fragments of
"35 Miles From New York"

Ossining, NY
Photographed May 31, 2007


"(Indecipherable) Miles From Sing Sing & 
35 Miles From New York"

Hawkes Avenue,
Town of Ossining, NY
Photographed January 6, 2006

"40 Miles From New York"

Croton-on-Hudson, NY
Photographed August 8, 2006
Van Cortlandt Manor


Van Cortlandt Manor milestone, with Ferry House in distance.

"47 Miles From New York"

South Street,
Peekskill, NY
Photographed April 1, 2006
Stone wall in front of former Franciscan Sisters property,
now Riverbend condominiums.


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