Hudson River State Hospital
Poughkeepsie, New York

Main Building - Exteriors, July 2011

Cheney Building - Interiors, July 2011

Recreation Building -  July 2011

UPDATE JULY 16, 2016:
The Poughkeepsie Journal reported this week that the first phase of demolition, for five structures, has begun at the Hudson River State Hospital property. The first building to come down was Building #61, staff house, that was damaged by fire in 2010. The site is very active now with demolition work and remediation work, and construction of commercial buildings and residential units known as Hudson Heritage will occur in phases over the next 8-10 years. Buildings that are being preserved for reuse are the administration building (main/central portion of the Kirkbride building), Director's house, library, amusement hall/theater, and chapel.

For further information about the Hudson Heritage project, planning documents are available at the Town of Poughkeepsie website.

Source article:
"Hudson Heritage project begins with a moment of destruction." By John Ferro, The Poughkeepsie Journal. July 13, 2016.

UPDATE JULY 25, 2015:
EFG/DRA Heritage, owner of the Hudson River State Hospital property, recently announced their plan to redevelop the 156-acre site. Unfortunately, plans call for demolition of almost all of the nearly 60 existing buildings. Even the administration building, the central portion of the Kirkbride structure, is not guaranteed to be incorporated into the new site plan. This would truly be one of the great architectural losses to the Hudson Valley, especially as the administration building is in good condition, having been occupied until the hospital vacated this site in 2001. Stylistically, and in size, the administration building is comparable to Kingston City Hall, which was restored in 2000 following 28 years of abandonment and was in much worse condition. 

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