Abandoned House

January 2011

This abandoned house probably dates to the 1890s or 1900s, and was only abandoned within the last few years. It was last occupied by a doctor's office. Patient records can still be found inside, along with scales and manuals. The house is one of two nearly identical homes that stood side-by-side. The other home was demolished recently and now condominiums are being constructed on its site. I imagine that this one will likely be demolished soon too.

The house does not appear to be very large from the outside, but feels quite roomy inside. The top floor looks tiny from the ground level, but that space would make a very cool room for hanging out. Outwardly modest but spaciously efficient, this home would be an ideal model for dwellings to be built from today.

The house and adjacent nursery, located on Knollwood Road south of Route 119, were both demolished recently.


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