Bennett School for Girls

    The Bennett School for Girls survives as one of those rare prominently-sited buildings that somehow has miraculously evaded the wrecking ball despite nearly three decades of abandonment. Although still intact, decay has begun, rooms have collapsed, and debate swirls in the village of Millbrook about the fate of this Victorian gem. Part of the grounds have already been developed, and surely some would like to see more condominiums or office space at the main intersection heading into the village. Designed by James Ware, the architect of the Mohonk Mountain House, Halcyon Hall, the main building, is one of the few sites in New York State listed on the State Register of Historic Places but not on the National Register. The property is privately owned, and a real estate listing was recently posted to the internet. Please visit Tom Rinaldi's Hudson Valley Ruins page to read more about the Bennett School.

UPDATE MAY 16, 2014:
The Millbrook Tribute Garden Foundation and Thorndale Farm LLC, recently purchased from Bennett Acquisitions LLC property of the former Bennett School For Girls. Announced with news of the sale of the property was that Halcyon Hall, built in 1893 as a hotel, will be demolished.

Source article: "Dilapidated hall in Millbrook to make way for park and more." By Craig Wolf, The Poughkeepsie Journal, May 13, 2014.

Postcard view of entrance from northeast.

September 8, 2000


September 8, 2000

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Yaz’ Hudson Valley Ruins 
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Yaz’ Hudson Valley Ruins and Abandoned Buildings, etc.

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