Paper Printing Plant
DECEMBER 4, 2004

    This printing plant is housed in a former textile mill, which is the last such mill on this once-busy creek. Much of the paper-processing machinery remains inside. Unfolded boxes for Bazooka Bubble Gum were found in an upstairs room, and a neat stack of bright green and yellow-colored paper advertising the virtues of spelling and counting sat next to a ruined fork-lift. The din from the creek and the powerful falls were drowned out by the sound of vehicles traveling on the very nearby road.
I later re
ceived email from my friend Jim, who had this to say:

"The e
quipment and accompanying description on this page      would lead me to believe you were in a  former printing 
    plant, rather than paper mill. The roll of paper on the 2nd page appears to feed a web press, which consumes rolls of 
    paper rather than sheets. Page 1 seems to show a press that still has printing plates on one cylinder.

    Odd, though that the place had corrugated Bazooka bubble gum boxes. You don't usually see places that print both 
    paper and cardboard. The equipment required for the two stocks is very different.

    The 2nd photo on this page shows the tension rollers and the roll of paper on a halfweb press. It's shot from the first     
    of  the ink towers, facing back. You were a the web end, facing the tension rollers and ink towers. "

Printing Plant, December 4, 2004 - Page 2


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