Mount Vernon NYWB RR Stations

A couple weeks ago I revisited a couple of the abandoned stations of the New York, Westchester and Boston Railroad, a defunct line (actually two branches) that crossed southeast Westchester County to a terminal on the present-day site of the Westchester Mall in White Plains, and at another terminus in Port Chester.

A fair amount of the right-of-way can be examined today, and a number of station buildings survive as well. The short-lived line is well-documented and you can take an online tour here and here.

I thought I would post what appear to rare modern day images of Mount Vernon’s East 3rd Street station interior. A board covering a front window was loose enough for me to stick a camera in and take some shots, sight-unseen. The building seems to be owned by a stone supply company that uses the right-of-way below the building as material storage and transfer yard.

East wall of the station.

Not too far away is the abandoned and well-sealed Kingsbridge Road station. I haven’t seen any post-closure interior images of this structure.

Entrance to southbound platform.

Entrance to northbound platform.

Burnt out house nearby with smokestack and power lines, just because I like this picture.

More on Mount Vernon in another post soon.

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10 Responses to Mount Vernon NYWB RR Stations

  1. Al LeBlanc says:

    The House is not burned out. It was abandoned in the mid 80’s. My friends Brian and Sandy lived upstairs for a year or so.

    I lived up the hill on Rombouts.

    As far as the train station, when I was a kid (CRAZY KID) my fiends and I found a way inside by going through the roof. There is a trap door on the “Gardens” directly above the station.

    We got inside and there were old newspapers still on the stands and a lot of other collectibles. We couldn’t grab anything because there was someone living in there who had a bunch of candles and other paraphernalia that led us to believe he was a devil worshipper, but, that was probably a bunch of 10 year old kids imagining the worst.

    WE fled and never went back.

    If you write me I’ll tell you how to get inside.


  2. Chris says:

    The last pic with the burnt out house you say is a old coffee house

  3. Kurt says:

    You can get into the old Kingsbridge Road station by walking up the hill to St Pauls Place, and then enter on top of the station. The southbound platform (heading towards Dyre Avenue in the Bronx) is still there, but almost buried. Cross over to the northbound side. There was a staicase going down into the station that was still open. Not much in there, just stairs and a cross under tunnel that is partially filled in. The stairs back up to the southbound side are filled in.

  4. FR says:

    Great photos guys!!

  5. Robert says:

    East Third Street station is gone now.

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