Return to Victorian beauty

When I first photographed this house, over six years ago, it only had that “vacant for a few years and on the market” look. A new owner might have needed to put some work into the house, but it wasn’t too bad. Some factors such as the proximity of a major road could certainly be viable reasons why someone of means has not purchased this house, but other, newer, occupied homes exist on the same street. It can’t be too bad to live here.

I have passed this house frequently in the interval but had not stopped by to see how it has been doing, perhaps, ironically, because it is easily accessible and doesn’t require too much effort on my part to get to, and because I have usually been on my way to somewhere else. But with some time to spare on my way home from a short trip recently, I pulled over for another visit.

Decay is more evident now though primarily in a small addition, but not yet so much in the main structure of the house. The front porch has fallen, and what previously was a small hole in the roof of the smaller barn is now a serious issue that could lead to a significant or complete collapse.

What once might have been a preservation project requiring a small investment is quickly turning into an expensive restoration job. Too bad that those of us who would gladly live in this house do not have the means to do so, and those who can, have chosen not to.

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  1. Rebecca Elise says:

    What a cute little house. You did not mention the location, perhaps intentionally. I enjoyed this post.

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