Abandoned in New York City

I walked the west side avenues in midtown last Friday and photographed a few abandoned buildings. New Yorkers like to sneer at other cities and their derelict structures, but abandoned buildings seem largely to go unnoticed in Manhattan, except by the explorers that have documented the city’s vacant gems.

The most fantastic of midtown’s abandoned buildings is the Windermere (below), located across the street from a small park where these people gathered to talk on this hot June day. Can we imagine these folks, perhaps wealthy retirees, pushing their pooches in baby strollers and having a picnic outside of Detroit’s Michigan Central Station?


Here’s a few more from midtown.


Koni Lab

Not really an abandoned building, but a vacant storefront.

This next one I shot a few years ago on 3rd Avenue, farther downtown. The shadow is from one of the iconic water tanks.


And some more images from the rest of the day:

A car park with five-level lift. I’d like to see one of these things operate.

Back at the park across from the Windermere, this bird seemed to be looking over this gentleman’s shoulder, perhaps offering some clues to the crossword puzzle.

These kids climbed a huge rock in Central Park. Upon reaching the top they let out a loud exclamation when they observed the wonders below on the other side.

This dog intently followed both a kickball game and a softball game. I wonder if he imagined chasing down the balls himself.

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