Pittsburgh Civic Arena

More great mid-century Modern architecture. The arena is not long for this world – the beginning of the very end is getting near. Here are a few random photographs going back to October. When the dust settles, literally, I will present a proper write-up and thorough selection of photos of the demolition process.

ABOVE: View from the Doubeltree Hotel.


ABOVE: One of two tunnels under the ice floor.

Sidney Crosby’s luxury box.

I swear, I’ll be back to old Hudson Valley buildings very soon. Here’s a preview of an upcoming post.

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One Response to Pittsburgh Civic Arena

  1. nailhed says:

    Sidney Cries-baby has his own little clubhouse in there for his “crew”? Ugh you gotta be kidding me. I wonder if it had a hefty supply of kleenex lol

    Anyway, i went on monday to what may well be my last ever game at Joe Louis Arena… If i end up enlisting, the place may be gone before i get back. :(

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