First Presbyterian Church (The Fish Church) – Stamford, CT

Just when it seemed things were getting fishy around here, I took a turn in that literal direction.

Here’s another gem in Stamford’s crown of modern architectural marvels. The First Presbyterian Church (Bing Aerial link) is better known as the Fish Church because, well, it looks like a fish. Wallace K. Harrison was the architect and the church opened in 1958. Harrison was a prominent architect who led many major projects and designed important structures primarily around New York City and mainly between the late 1930s and early 1970s.

Ah, I like to photograph shadows and patterns too.

The Carillon Tower is pretty awesome as well.

One of over 100 memorial stones “representing… the spiritual giants of the Judeo/Christian tradition.”

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2 Responses to First Presbyterian Church (The Fish Church) – Stamford, CT

  1. Tom says:

    Beautiful! Always wanted to check this place out. Harrison did some of my favorite NYC bldgs of the 20th century…

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