Dover Stone Church

It’s not a church, but it is made of stone, and it is located in Dover, NY. It could be a church, if your religion is nature. It is a pretty cool geologic formation, and I suspect it isn’t as well known as something as interesting as this ought to be. Still, there were many people there on the afternoon of my most recent visit.

The following photos were taken over two visits, October 13, 2006 when the Stone Church Brook was almost empty, and October 2, 2011 when it was full.

Town of Dover website

Oblong Land Conservancy Visitors Guide


On the way back from the Stone Church, I passed through Pawling, also in eastern Dutchess County. I was reminded that I had read about an accident in 1972 at a nuclear research facility once located nearby at, appropriately enough, Nuclear Lake. The research buildings were abandoned by the early 1980s and demolished sometime after. A couple of blog posts here and here (with links to an LA Times article) tell the story about this plutonium spill near the Appalachian Trail.

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5 Responses to Dover Stone Church

  1. Diane Foubert says:

    Rob, these are fabulous photos, as is, of course, your style……….why do you think the word ‘church’ got into the name?

  2. nailhed says:

    niiice spot.

    nice job getting your tripod leg in there too heehee ;)

  3. Jeff Kent says:

    This is a beautiful spot that is well maintained, everyone should try and visit. We went yesterday and plan on going back at different times of day to see how the light enters the cave.

    For more info o how to get to Nuclear Lake, check out Hike The Hudson Valley.

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