Reusen’s Farm in Oscawana

Rob Marchant of The Journal News wrote an article yesterday about Wes Pomeroy, a Buchanan native who is researching Reusen’s Farm / Long View estate in Oscawana (Town of Cortlandt). The property (they call it the “McAndrews estate”) is now a Westchester County park and includes some ruins and foundations, and a racetrack for horses.

The son of the last owner will lead Pomeroy and others on a tour of the site Sunday afternoon.

The link to the story is:


The racetrack

Track Ruin

A ruin at the racetrack.

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4 Responses to Reusen’s Farm in Oscawana

  1. Patricia Goff says:

    I just wanted you to know that I am glad you are fighting for our history. Somebody has to as it seems that all people want to do it go the easy route and demolish historic structures and call it progress when they should be studying how to remodel for reuse. I think almost all structures should be saved instead of going to a landfill (how green is that). Besides the history of the older buildings I think they are made much better and have a higher quality of work. Nobody has pride in their work anymore. They make things to last a few years and replace it which is not good for the environement.

    Thank you for your hard work.

  2. brita forsgren says:

    Snälla ni kontakta mig på denna e-mail adress.Har länge sökt information om Oscawana och R. Reuesen Min mormor emigrerade till New.york på 1900-talet och arbetade hos G.Reusen på Oscawana och i hans hem i New york Kanske finns det photo från den tiden i min ägo.Hon var utbildad fotograf,
    Allt är av intresse!
    (please translate this letter from swedish till english)
    Please do contact me at this e-mail adress.Har long sought information on Oscawana and R. Reuesen My grandmother emigrated to New.york in the 1900s and worked with G. Reuse of Oscawana and in his home in New York Maybe there are photo from that time in my ägo.Hon was a trained photographer,
    Everything is of interest!

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